Symplectic is a leading developer of integrated research information management systems. Our flagship product Elements is used by thousands of researchers, research managers, repository managers and librarians across the globe.

We believe that the best software is built in partnership with our clients and that is why their feedback is at the core of our development initiatives.

The Team

Building the best software doesn't happen without the best people. At Symplectic we are proud of our team of software developers, product designers and industry experts because they're innovative, intelligent and fun..

The Story

TimelineSymplectic was founded in 2003 by four theoretical physicists studying for their PhDs at Imperial College. During their research, they quickly realised that university staff and researchers were in need of simple, effective software to enable academic institutions to collect, contextualise and raise visibility of their research outputs. Using their experiences, they built that software, and were quickly noticed by academic institutions all over the world.

The Company

Digital ScienceIn 2010, Symplectic received investment from Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Publishers. They share our belief in making research more efficient through the use of better technology. Now, Symplectic has grown into an international company with staff in three countries and counting.


If you have any questions about our product, would like to arrange a demo or just want to chat to someone from our team, donʼt hesitate to get in touch.