Explore, analyse and understand the funding landscape

Navigate funding data in an intuitive way

Understanding funding allocations at a subject level, institutional level or country-based level can be complicated and time consuming. Dimensions uses innovative visualisations to help you gain insight and answer your questions faster.

Make data-driven decisions

Dimensions provides trends and analysis in an easily-digestible format. Whether you’re trying to uncover institutional strengths, contextualise particular grants, determine strategic direction, gain information for succession planning or even identify rising stars in your research staff, Dimensions will highlight your areas of expertise and drive smarter decisions.

Identify potential collaborators

Maximise the chance of success in your grant application or research project by viewing collaboration information over time to find the best partners for your research. Browse collaborators by research area, funder or country to make sure you don’t miss any valuable connections.

Compare your institution with others around the world.

Including data from the major funding bodies in the UK, Australia and the USA, Dimensions allows institutions to compare and contrast funding data against others around the world, creating a clear viewpoint of your local and global funding position.

Get started right away

Dimensions is a web-based tool designed in collaboration with strategic decision makers, research administrators, and academics. Its innovative and easy-to-use interface can be accessed wherever you are, making it simple to explore the important questions you need to answer about your funding.

Dimensions integrates with Elements to enhance academic profiles and research information. Get in touch to find out more about how Dimensions can help your institution.

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