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Funding application & award lifecycle management


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Symplectic Elements brings multiple data sources together in one platform, allowing universities and institutions to easily manage research and faculty information, derive powerful new insights, and showcase the real-world impact of their research activities.

We go beyond other research information management systems, offering you a comprehensive approach to managing the full award funding lifecycle alongside all your research information and faculty activity data.

Embrace a more streamlined, transparent, and collaborative approach to award management, driving efficiencies and enhancing the overall success of your research endeavours.

The Elements Platform 1

Embedded funding lifecycle management in a full RIM system

Consolidate your research information, faculty activity data, grants and award data in one centralised source of truth. Dedicated API, finance integration, and data migration tools deliver a seamless experience across your other systems.

Streamline the application process, save time, and let your researchers and administrators focus instead on areas of real value-add.

Research Funding Solution 20

Researcher-centric design

One interface, one UX and one login: reduce barriers for your researchers by making it simple for them to find and apply for funding opportunities within Symplectic Elements.

Research Funding Solution 19

Reduce administrative burden

Avoid re-keying data during the application creation process by reusing data already available within Symplectic Elements. 

Research Funding Solution 18

Increase transparency and insight

Give your researchers continual sight of where in the workflow their proposal is, giving them assurances that their proposal is progressing forward through relevant internal approvals.

“Researcher profiles and end-to-end research funded project management all now take place in the one interface, which has huge benefits to our researchers.”
Liam Cleere, Senior Manager Research Administration, University College Dublin

Support for pre and post award


Promote upcoming funding opportunities to your community Capture funder outcomes and manage contracts
Integrated eligibility checks Schedule and activate project deliverables
Communicate deadlines and processes Automate deliverables, schedules and reminders
Streamline proposal development from start to finish Manage approvals, change requests and project status change
Collaborative forms, templates and workflows Actionable pipeline reporting and annual insights
Transparent tracking at every step Integrate with Finance systems


Promote funding opportunities

Communicate upcoming funding opportunities, carry out eligibility checks and clearly articulate deadlines to your research community through a clean, intuitive user interface designed in collaboration with researchers and administrators. 


Proposal development

Streamline proposal development and reduce unnecessary admin with configurable, collaborative forms, templates and workflows that can guide applicants every step of the way, while giving the research office early visibility of funding proposals being prepared to enable them to provide timely and targeted support. 


Review and approvals

Configurable workflows mean you can design formalised review & approval processes in order to help your researchers create the best possible funding applications. All parties can see the status and next steps for a proposal throughout the pipeline, giving clarity and confidence. 


Email templates

Choose from ready-made email templates to simply set up automated alerts which will prompt users to take action. Templates are completely configurable, and can link out to further guidance documentation which can be stored within the system. 


Track funder outcomes and manage contracts

Capture funder submissions and outcomes, and manage contracts and associated documentation during negotiation. Manage sub-contracts, extensions and other change requests, and store all associated records and documents in one centralised space.


Post-award project management

Activate projects, track milestones and deliverables, and manage progress throughout the lifecycle. Streamline operations with bulk actions and email alerts, and link related projects and sub-projects for comprehensive control. 


Status and compliance tracking

We provide highly configurable checklists for project activation and project closure, allowing you to manage project status and track compliance at a granular level. 


Advanced harvesting & data linking

Upon project activation, a grant record is automatically generated in Symplectic Elements. This grant record can be linked to researcher profiles, CVs, publications, professional activities, impact, and other objects in Elements – giving a comprehensive view of research and funding information, and funding inputs and outcomes. 


Budget oversight & activity reporting
Customisable dashboards and data extracts allow you to gain new insights into funding applications, such as success rates, funding pipelines, and year-on-year comparisons. Real-time reporting lets you slice and dice data in order to report on activities at different levels such as individuals, groups, funders, funding opportunities, etc. 


Integrates with your existing systems

Symplectic Elements easily feeds data to other organisational systems via a dedicated API. Specialised bidirectional finance integration and a suite of data migration tools delivers a seamless, streamlined data experience.

“Our research funding has doubled in the last five years, so the Research Funding Solution will support this growth, ensure process integrity, and provide insights into funding successes.”
Danette Olsen, Director, Research Office, Victoria University of Wellington

With this partnership, we have the opportunity to position ourselves as
a world leader in the development of the scholarly ecosystem.

Keith Webster, Dean of University Libraries, Carnegie Mellon

I cannot overstate how pleased we have been.
We have to have confidence to work with a partner
for at least 5 years on a project of this size.

Caleb Smith, Senior Strategy Manager for Research Intelligence & Analytics, University of Michigan

“Faculty need only spend perhaps less than an hour a year to prepare and submit their annual reports.”

Associate Dean, Carnegie Mellon University at Qatar

"Leveraging the interoperability between Symplectic Elements and DSpace has increased policy-driven institutional repository deposits by over 350%."

Ellen Phillips, Open Access Specialist, Boston University

Elements elegantly connected our multi-university system providing a
single source of truth throughout OIEx.

Tim Cain, The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx)

The University measures the individual research activity of academic staff. This Measure of Research Activity (MoRA) requires the collection of publication data from faculty. Symplectic Elements supports this beautifully.

Floris van der Leest, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

[Elements] will help to bring transparency to the richness of thought showcased within non-traditional publications, providing a more holistic representation of faculties’ scholarly work.

Caleb Smith, University of Michigan

Feedback to date has been extremely positive from all levels across the University, with individual academics and colleagues actively promoting the ease of use of the system.

Rachel Baird, Research Policy Analyst, University of Liverpool