Dimensions for Universities is now available!

13th October 2014

We are very pleased to announce the release of Dimensions for Universities! Built by ÜberResearch, a leading software developer for funding organisations and part of the Digital Science family, Dimensions for Universities is a web-based tool designed for universities to analyse and understand the funding landscape.

‘DfU’, as it’s been known around the office, was born out of a recognition that funders and research institutions have the same problem – comparing their funding at a global level. Universities will usually have a lot of data on their own funding, but very little on how their funding compares to other institutions. Some public funders will release their funding data annually but it is often quite difficult to get valuable insight from it without spending significant resources, both in staff and time. Dimensions for Universities will dramatically decrease the resources needed for such analysis as the data has been de-duplicated, disambiguated and categorised into a digestible and intuitive format.

Symplectic is dedicated to reducing the administrative burden surrounding the research lifecycle at an institution. Leveraging ÜberResearch’s relationships with science funders, provides an unique opportunity to further reduce that burden at an institution. Dimensions’ development has been a truly collaborative effort. ÜberResearch worked with over 20 development partners (mostly research funders) to build a unique product for funding organisations; while we have guided the adaptation of its powerful features for research organisations.

We are confident that every research institution can benefit from its many features so get in touch if you’d like to request trial access or arrange a demo.