Dura Project

16th May 2012

Elements supports all file-types from Mendeley, allowing academics to deposit their pre-published text and ancillary materials directly to the institutional repository.

Give academics the ability to deposit via Elements in just a few clicks, simplifying their workflow and therefore encouraging deposits.

Works with the Repository Tools module in Elements, so all major repository technologies (DSpace, Fedora, ePrints and Intralibrary) are supported out of the box.

Working with CARET

CARET, Mendeley and Symplectic worked together to create this unique combination of functionalities, specifically designed to integrate Repository Deposit into the normal academic workflow.

CARET helped Mendeley and Symplectic work with academics from the University of Cambridge to ensure a seamless workflow and user experience.

Module Availability

This new module will be available for purchase this summer 2012.

Check out our support site for release updates and other features: [http://support.symplectic.co.uk] (http://support.symplectic.co.uk)