Departmental Discovery: Leveraging New Group Pages in Symplectic Elements

The upcoming Symplectic Elements 6.19 release will include the introduction of new departmental pages to the Discovery Module, to be surfaced as part of public profiles. Underpinned by our extensions to Elements Groups functionality, these new pages will feature metadata describing each group or department, links to related sites, and lists of associated researchers and highlighted research activity.

By showcasing departments and other kinds of groups in public profiles alongside researchers and facilities, we can help visitors learn more about the organisation, and provide them with additional pathways to find potential collaborators.

This new functionality will allow organisations to optionally showcase their groups and allow visitors to explore profiles in new ways.

This webinar will show you how to get the most out of Groups in Discovery:

  • How to set up your configuration
  • What key metadata to capture for Groups to ensure full profiles
  • What different Group profile scenarios look like in Discovery
  • Searching for Groups in Discovery


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