Effective Research Management with Elements & Figshare

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In this webinar, we cover how using Symplectic Elements as a research information management system, integrated with Figshare for Institutions as a research repository, drives a holistic approach to research management. Together, Elements and Figshare provide a complete solution for collecting, storing, showcasing and reporting on all research outputs and scholarly activities, with a focus on open access compliance and engagement.

Find out how:

  • Institutions can structure and connect scholarly information throughout the research lifecycle by reducing administrative burden, deriving powerful new insights, maximizing data reuse, and showcasing the real-world impact of research.
  • Elements uses intelligent data harvesting to continuously identify and match research outputs from Figshare and other data sources.
  • Bidirectional integration between Elements and Figshare streamlines open access workflows to drive engagement and meet institutional goals.
  • Public profiles showcase successes and drives innovation and collaboration within or outside your organization.