Expert Finder Systems: International Forum 2023

Symplectic is proud to be gold sponsors of this years’ Expert Finder Systems (EFS) International Forum, hosted in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida from April 5-6, 2023.

The EFS International Forum creates a venue for stakeholders to network, learn from each other, and help steer the future of this dynamic field.

Since the first EFS International Forum in 2019, a growing community has been engaging in an important dialogue. Conversations center on metadata and content used to tell the impact stories of faculty members, research institutes, centers, and foundations; federal-, state-, and privately funded research; economic development efforts; and community engagement.

The systems and use cases take many forms and are known by an assortment of names, including, but not limited to:

  • Expertise discovery
  • Content-rich profiling and networking sites
  • Research information management systems (RIMS)
  • Faculty activity reporting systems (FARS)
  • Current research information systems (CRIS)
  • Networking platforms and other curated information

The Forum’s Steering Committee is organizing and hosting this event to include leaders from:

  • Higher education, including faculty, librarians, administrators, corporate/community relations staff , economic development professionals, and data and information management personnel
  • Vendors and nonprofit/open-source solution providers in this marketplace

The platforms under discussion have been serving universities, business, industry, economic development professionals, and the research community for more than two decades. The Forum provides opportunities for attendees to:

  • Learn about the variety of platforms and use cases
  • Understand best practices for starting and managing a platform that meets their needs
  • Share ideas and information about current uses from across the community
  • Chart the need for platform features that support emerging use cases
  • Learn strategies for enhancing stakeholder engagement

Attendees also will learn about the economic development impacts of expert finding on the regional, state, national, and global levels.

If you’re attending EFS 2023 and would like to meet with us, please send us an email or pop by our exhibition stand on the day. 

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