HHMI Goes LIVE With CC Grant Tracker

21st October 2017

CC Technology have recently had the pleasure in supplying CC Grant Tracker to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland, US. HHMI are one of the largest medical research charities in the world, providing funding on a large scale since being founded in 1953.

HHMI is a biomedical research philanthropy whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, HHMI employs more than 2,600 individuals across the United States. In year 2016, HHMI provided $663 million in U.S. biomedical research and $86 million in grants and other support for science education.

The first phase of implementation involving a number of HHMI’s Science Education programs was completed successfully and on time and additional programs will transition over the next few months.

Director, Business Affairs, Science Education, Jeanne Noda commented “HHMI is very pleased with our Phase One implementation results.  The expert project staff at CC Technology have delivered satisfying, thorough responses to our system requirements.”

CC Technology are delighted to be working with such a prestigious Institution. Strategy Director, Martin Ferry, commented – “The respective project teams at HHMI and CC Technology have worked extremely hard together to plan, develop and implement an optimal grant application and management solution for HHMI. We are all very pleased to reach the first phase of go-live and we remain focused on the next phases of the project. It is great to welcome HHMI to the family of CC Grant Tracker customers and to benefit from their continued input to help us shape and develop the product going forward.”