Meet the Team

Abigail Gawith

Abigail Gawith

Lead Developer, User Interaction

Adrian Oniga

Adrian Oniga

QA Engineer

Jonathan Miller

Anastasia Pevtsova

Junior Developer

Andreea Damian 1

Andreea Damian

Integration Engineer

Andrew Benner

Andrew Bennet

Senior Developer

Andrew Cockbill

Andrew Cockbill

Chief Data Officer

Jonathan Miller 1

Andrew Sowerby

QA and Release Manager

Jonathan Miller 2

Ben Heartland

Client Integration Lead

Jonathan Miller 3

Bogdan Mocanu

Infrastructure Engineer

Burç Kibaroglu

Burç Kibaroglu

Software Developer

Jonathan Miller 4

Cezar Lica

Head of Infrastructure

Jonathan Miller 5

Daniel Thompson

Junior Developer

Dave Budenberg

Dave Budenberg

Lead Developer

Jonathan Miller 8

Geirmund Knutsen

VP, Client Services

Harrison Trewhitt

Harrison Trewhitt

Senior Software Developer

Jonathan Miller 9

Ian Jones

Lead Developer

Jonathan Miller 10

Igor Kondrashov

Senior Implementation Manager

Jonathan Miller 12

Jeff Lang

Client Support Manager, North America

Jonathan Miller 11

John Fearns

Chief Technical Officer, Co-founder

Jonathan Breeze

Jonathan Breeze

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Miller 14

Julia Hawks

Senior VP, Strategy and Business Development

Jonathan Miller 15

Kate Byrne

VP Product Management

Jonathan Miller 16

Kelvin Chan

Junior Developer

Lauren Martin

Lauren Martin

Marketing Director

Leonie Hayes 2

Leonie Hayes

Client Support Manager, Asia Pacific

Jonathan Miller 18

Lucian Parau

Technical Integration Engineer

Jonathan Miller 19

Marco Phillips

Infrastructure Engineer

Jonathan Miller 21

Marko Božikovic

Lead Developer

Jonathan Miller 20

Marko Ivin

Chief Development Officer, Co-founder

Jonathan Miller 22

Michael Müller

Client Support Manager EMEA

Nick Andreson

Nick Anderson

Senior Client Success Manager

Jonathan Miller 23

Owen Praeger

Senior Developer

Jonathan Miller 24

Sam Gibbons Frendo

Product Manager

Jonathan Miller 25

Tom Letcher

VP, Business Development

Jonathan Miller 26

Tzu-i Liao

Business Operations Manager

Jonathan Miller 27

Youssef Karnib

Senior Implementation Manager

Elements elegantly connected our multi-university system providing a
single source of truth throughout OIEx.

Tim Cain, The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx)

The University measures the individual research activity of academic staff. This Measure of Research Activity (MoRA) requires the collection of publication data from faculty. Symplectic Elements supports this beautifully.

Floris van der Leest, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

[Elements] will help to bring transparency to the richness of thought showcased within non-traditional publications, providing a more holistic representation of faculties’ scholarly work.

Caleb Smith, University of Michigan

Feedback to date has been extremely positive from all levels across the University, with individual academics and colleagues actively promoting the ease of use of the system.

Rachel Baird, Research Policy Analyst, University of Liverpool