Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release 5.20

3rd April 2020
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Increased customisation for Discovery Module, extended REF features and more!

2 April 2020

We are delighted to share the details of today’s release! As ever, we are dedicated to keeping you updated on our product developments and changes. 

We’re excited to introduce our first Discovery Module visualisation, a collaboration network diagram which highlights interdepartmental research collaboration. Additionally, we added support for researchers to add YouTube Videos on their Discovery Module profiles, allowing them to share videos which showcase their expertise. 

With this release we deliver our last major batch of REF2021 functionality, including new features to support the generation and validation of your REF Submission. We’ve also added five new REF dashboards to help you monitor your progress as well as a number of additional features to help streamline REF preparations. 

The release includes a range of other enhancements across the system, including numerous pieces of new functionality developed in direct response to community feedback. Thank you once again to all of our community members who have contributed to this release by contributing feature requests, and giving feedback on planned development.

Explore Collaboration Networks with the Discovery Module

This release introduces our first data visualisation, an interactive collaboration network diagram, to the Elements Discovery Module. The new visualisation has been designed to highlight interdepartmental collaborations within your organisation and will also enhance the discoverability of your researchers by introducing new ways to navigate between profiles.

Release 5.2: Increased customisation for Discovery Module, extended REF features and more!

Each network diagram is generated based on the publications associated with the researcher’s profile within the Discovery Module. The diagram will be enabled for all researchers which have two or more collaborators with public profiles within your Discovery Module. 


Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release 5.2

Display YouTube Videos in the Discovery Module
Videos have become another key way to demonstrate research expertise and it is increasingly common for researchers to be featured on media broadcasts or even create their own videos to promote their research to a wider audience. So we are pleased to introduce new functionality which allows researchers to add YouTube Videos to their Discovery Profile. Our new interactive video carousel allows visitors to watch videos associated with the profile directly within the Discovery Module by clicking on a ‘View Media’ link on the researcher’s profile page or the Discovery Module search results page. 

Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release 5.20

REF functionality
As you probably read from our last blog on REF, we have been hard at work rolling out REF developments to support our clients through REF2021. This release marks the final phase of major REF development. While there may still be developments, this release will include: 

  • Generation of REF submission XML file
  • REF validation stock report
  • REF dashboards, enabling Unit summaries and overviews to be easily obtained
  • REF2 physical / electronic output submission tracking
  • Unit lock out
  • Additions to existing screens to help REF managers better monitor submission accuracy, quality, and completeness

If you want to learn more about this release and you are an existing client, please see our support site here.

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