Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release 6.15

17th October 2023

Welcome to Elements v6.15!

As part of our ongoing enhancement to Groups, this release includes powerful new functionality to automate the management of group hierarchies in bulk, reducing manual work and helping to ensure data accuracy. 

We’ve also made further enhancements to the Discovery Module, continuing our work to increase ‘self-service’ configuration of more Discovery settings and further streamline the administration experience. 

In our ongoing work to support the Research Funding Solution, this release introduces additional Project Closure and Related Projects features, along with additional enhancements to support the funding lifecycle.

Elements 6.15 also contains updates to repository integration functionality including the ability to set the file version field to be mandatory, as well as increased file size for crosswalk files for all repository integrations, and specific improvements for clients using Figshare for Institutions and DSpace.

Plus this release contains accessibility improvements and many other smaller features and enhancements, including a number of feature requests from our community!

For all details about this release, you can view the full release notes on the Symplectic support site. As always, the new version of Elements and associated upgrade instructions can be found in the Elements upgrade forum.