Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release v6.8

19th May 2022

In this release we’ve expanded our range of repository integrations, introducing a new DSpace 7 integration which allows you to harvest data from a DSpace 7 repository into Elements. This latest addition to our suite of RT2 repository integrations will allow organisations to upgrade their institutional repositories to explore all the new features of DSpace7 whilst maintaining all the benefits of integrating DSpace with Elements.

For clients using our Figshare for Institutions repository integration we’re excited to add support for our incredibly powerful automated metadata updates functionality. This unique framework provides organisations with a powerful combination of both flexibility and control, ensuring that you can automatically enhance your repository’s metadata using the rich collection of data within Elements.

Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release v6.8

[Image: Configuring the new automated metadata updates functionality for Figshare for Institutions.]

For clients using the Elements Research Funding Solution, we’re excited to release the first phase of our bi-directional finance system integration with a new finance extract to support project set up.

In this release we’ve also made numerous enhancements to Elements as a direct result of feature requests and feedback from our community including:

  • New functionality to allow administrators to configure which file version names will be displayed to users when depositing research outputs via Elements.
  • Introduction of a new view-only mode for homepage actions associated with Assessment exercises.
  • Supporting the capture of percentages for Labels on Researcher Profiles (eg. FOR Codes).
  • Expanding our integration to harvest all research output types.
  • Updates to the Import Publications page to improve accessibility and user experience.
  • And more…

For all the details about the release, clients can view the full release notes on the Symplectic support site.