Symplectic Grant Tracker Product Update: Release v7.0

25th July 2022

Welcome to Grant Tracker 7.0 and our new release notes!

As those of you who attended our end-of-year webinar will remember, as part of the operational consolidation of Grant Tracker into the wider Symplectic team we committed to enhancing product development processes in several key areas:

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As part of this ongoing enhancement program, we’re excited to bring you the latest version of Grant Tracker, a major new release packed with new features and improvements.

This blog post will give a brief high-level overview of the new features in our latest Grant Tracker release. If you would like to access the full release notes and associated documentation, or would like to talk to our team to discuss planning an upgrade, please contact us via the Service Desk for assistance.

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Enhanced Management Console UX with New Menu and Navigation

Following our commitment to UX and accessibility improvements, we have made significant enhancements to the Management Console UI to offer both user experience improvements and an updated approach to menus & system navigation.

A core aspect of the new design is a new menu for the Grant Tracker Management Console, which is significantly based on feedback gathered through UX research sessions with our user community. The new menu makes it easier than ever for users to find their way around the system.

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​​​​​​Image: Our new menu and navigation system includes a find a page function to help you quickly find the functionality you need.


Introducing the new Grant Tracker API

We’re also excited to be launching the Grant Tracker API, the latest addition to our collection of integration interfaces, which can be used to securely feed data from Grant Tracker to other systems and to create and update data within Grant Tracker in bulk. The new API is being launched with a core set of functionality designed to cater to the most-common integration use cases. We anticipate growing the range of data and functionality available via the API over time.

Other major improvements in this release include:

  • New functionality to allow Progress Reports and Change Requests to be included within Review Meetings.
  • New integration with GRID to enhance the capture of organisational information.
  • New functionality to allow the bulk import of payment schedules.
  • Lots of other new features and fixes developed in response to feedback from our community!

We hope you enjoy getting to know the latest version of Symplectic Grant Tracker. Remember should you have any questions, we’re here to help – just contact us at or via the Service Desk for assistance.