Symplectic is proud to become a CAPP partner of the National Grants Management Association (NGMA)

17th February 2023

Symplectic is proud to become a Corporate Alliance Partnership Program (CAPP) member of the National Grants Management Association (NGMA)

Through our association partnership, we look forward to developing and maintaining a close connection with NGMA National Headquarters and collaborating with them to highlight the issues of interest to the grants community.

Symplectic Grant Tracker delivers effective, impactful grants management for research funding organisations. With 15+ years of streamlining the management and administration of grant-making, we specialise in empowering mission-driven organisations to make strategic funding decisions. 

Designed from the outset to meet research funding needs, Grant Tracker includes features to assist applicants, reviewers, committees and funders and help them to work efficiently and effectively across the grants management lifecycle. 

Symplectic Grant Tracker underpins the pre and post award processes for 50+ funding agencies who collectively award more than $2 billion annually. Research funding and philanthropic clients include The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Worldwide Cancer Research.