THE Awards 2013

24th October 2013

In a category of it’s own

At Symplectic, like many other companies, we get asked to sponsor a lot of conferences every year. Deciding on which ones we should sponsor always boils down to a few key points: Are we going to be able to engage with a key audience during the event, what level of exposure we would get out of the sponsorship (booths, website mentions etc.) and whether the conference theme matches our company initiatives. When we were approached to sponsor THE Awards 2013, it was obvious there was only one consideration; celebrating our users. Though many different people engage with our products throughout a university, our key initiatives are based on the idea of making research simpler. Building tools that enable researchers to cut down the time they spend doing administrative work and help them gain recognition for what’s important – their research!

Rooting for research

THE Awards is now in it’s ninth year, and celebrates all the pioneering work that takes place in universities around the country. The Research Project of the Year is being awarded to individuals or team whose academic impact has caught the ‘imagination of the public’. This is why we are thrilled to be sponsoring the event (and perhaps slightly because of the celebrity host).

If you’re attending THE Awards 2013 and would like to meet some of our awesome team, just drop us a line on twitter or facebook.

To find out more about THE Awards 2013 you can visit their website. Make sure you look out for our Symplectic mention in the next THE Magazine edition too!