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Symplectic unveils a new version of their market-leading platform that is simply beautiful

What is Elements Version 6?

To put it simply, Version 6 is the latest product upgrade of Elements, but that barely tells the full story.

Version 6 was designed with the aim of exceeding all design and ease-of-use expectations and brings to life the most straightforward platform in the market – truly eliminating burden wherever possible. Version 6.0 represents both the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning, design and development as well as partnership with our clients and users.


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Version 6.0:

Elements Version 6 2

Action-Oriented Homepage:

The initial screen users see upon login tells them exactly what they need to do first. No need to guess at where to start.

Elements Version 6 5

Searchable Menu:

To save time and energy users can easily search our new menu for what they need. But there is really no need since we have organised the menu by key use cases: Reporting, Assessment, Open Access, etc

Elements Version 6 4

Refreshed Objects Pages

The new my objects (publications, etc) will give you quick access to the metrics that matter most to you. We have prioritised your needs when developing these pages, making additions, navigation and immediate insights easy.

Elements Version 6 3

Flexible Branding:

Eliminate the need to ‘explain’ Elements to the entire institution. Encourage the use of the system with familiarity. Version 6 offers custom branding touchpoints like logos and colors.

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It is critical to our state’s economy that we utilise every aspect of our knowledge
and innovation talent across the public and private sectors. We’re incredibly proud
of what we’ve created with OIEx − better connecting the experts and resources at our
state research universities to the industries that can utilise them to push their breakthrough ideas to fruition.

John Carey, Chanceller, Ohio Department of Higher Education

We wanted to create a single, multi-university resource that provides
enhanced visibility into expertise, equipment and research
support services and available IP.

Tim Cain, Ohio Innovation Exchange

This tool connects our scholarly and research expertise with audiences like media,
prospective graduate students, and academic collaborators, while simultaneously
helping faculty keep track of the very important work they do. It is a game-changer for U of T.

Associate Vice-President Research, University of Toronto

The deeply integrated environment we now have will greatly enhance
our ability to manage the range of repository activities and strengthen
our position in preparing for any future research assessment exercises.

Digital Development Manager, University of Sussex

It helps keep us organised and keeps everything in one place.

Peter Fisher, Worldwide Cancer Research

Researcher profiles and end-to-end funded research
project management all now take place in the one interface,
which has huge benefits to our researchers.

Liam Cleere, University College Dublin

The discovery module has provided a delightful and fantastic
searchable public interface to our to our faculty.

Paul Bergen, Tufts University

The rate of deposit has increased by 1000% within 12 months following the switch-on of
the publication prompt in Elements and discussion about the HEFCE Open Access policy.

Queen Mary University of London

Elements impressed us with its simplicity, flexibility and control
for individual faculty members, and great responsiveness with customer service.

Clarke Iakovakis, Oklahoma State University

I think the most important feature Symplectic Elements came with was interoperability
The fact that it had that flow through profiles to the repository was really, really valuable for us.

Research Advisor, La Trobe University