Vertigo Ventures and Symplectic to support capture of Research Impact

2nd January 2015

New partnership to help institutions demonstrate their research impact

Vertigo Ventures and Symplectic are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to support research institutions looking to further understand and ultimately demonstrate their research impact. Effectively capturing and reporting on the impact of research is now critical to continued research funding. The agreement follows the successful launch of Vertigo Venture’s impact capture tool, VV-Impact Tracker, at a number of UK universities, including mutual clients of the two companies.

Managing director of Vertigo Ventures, Laura Fedorciow, adds: “We are excited about this agreement as it will allow us to help our users more easily capture the impact of their research, without duplicating information and effort.

We recognise that researchers have many pressures on their time and we want to make their lives easier by having easily accessible impact information. We know that this information can make the difference between a successful grant bid and even promotion, so we want to make it as straightforward as possible to provide impact case studies. ”

“Reducing the administrative burden associated with government and funder reporting is one of the many ways in which we help researchers”, says Jonathan Breeze, CEO of Symplectic. “Working with Vertigo Ventures presents an exciting opportunity for us to better help researchers demonstrate how their work has been used by both their peers, to further research, and by stakeholders outside of academia (including public organisations, business/industry) which may have resulted in societal or economic impact.”

The agreement means that the two companies will work towards linking the tools VV-Impact Tracker and Symplectic Elements to facilitate the transfer of relevant data.

To learn more about the VV-Impact Tracker, click here.

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About Vertigo Ventures

Vertigo Ventures developed VV-Impact Tracker is a cutting-edge, online SaaS tool for UK research organisations to help researchers and higher education institutions to identify, store, validate, and organise impact information from funded and non-funded projects. VV-Impact Tracker provides a taxonomy and systematic workflow that contextualises research project information with impact data to provide a compelling narrative about research use, reach and significance, and produces clean data for reporting purposes.