Celebrating 13 Years in Research – Happy Birthday Symplectic

26th February 2016

It’s our 13th birthday!

Last year, celebrating 12 years in business, we had a look back through our history to see how our company evolved alongside the needs of the research community. You can see that story (including some retro screenshots of a young Elements version) on our 12th birthday blog post.

So many things have happened in the year since, though; we couldn’t resist having a quick recap. Since February 2015, here’s what we’ve managed:

For this coming year, we’ve got some exciting things on the agenda. We’ll be introducing the next major version of Elements, as well as more updates and features through the year. Possibly some more events and blogs too!

One can only wonder what might happen between this birthday and the next. Thank you to all our partners and supporters for being a part of the journey so far!