Symplectic and CC Technology teams join to empower the wider research management ecosystem

30th June 2021

Symplectic has empowered research institutions for almost 20 years, bringing smart technologies that enable scholars and institutions to showcase their academic achievements and activities by collecting and curating their research and academic information. During that time we are proud to say that our flagship product for research information management, Elements, has become widely adopted in multiple territories around the world: supporting administrative processes for researchers, faculty and staff; driving engagement with Open Access initiatives; and helping to demonstrate the impact and wider context of research undertaken by our clients’ communities.

We are now excited to be expanding our remit by joining forces with a team from another part of Digital Science, CC Technology, to create an enhanced combined team: broadening our remit to power the needs of the wider research management ecosystem, and serving not only research performing institutions but research funding organisations too.

Symplectic and CC Technology teams join to empower the wider research management ecosystem

During the past year we collaborated closely with CC Technology to build and launch the Research Funding Solution, a new suite of functionality to support institutional research funding workflows. Built upon the tried-and-tested functionality of Symplectic Elements, the solution has enabled Symplectic’s current customers to benefit from workflows initially developed for CC Grant Tracker clients. We are delighted to have signed our first two clients already, with more in the upcoming pipeline, to be announced in the near future.

Our joint collaboration exposed further areas of synergy, strategy and culture which became the catalyst for integrating the Symplectic and CC Technology teams together underneath the wider umbrella of Digital Science, creating a stronger Symplectic team with a combined and global customer base of over 160 organisations.

As a combined team we will bring together deep domain expertise in two of the most important areas of research information management – grants and outputs.  For many years, Symplectic has been asked to expand Elements to tackle these two use cases, but has always argued that more domain expertise was needed to provide world-leading functionality in this area.  The collaboration between our teams provides an ideal solution to this challenge, and together we will look to explore other areas for the benefit of both current Symplectic and current CC Technology clients.

As a joint product and service team, Symplectic will work in pursuit of the advancement of knowledge, delivering flexible research management solutions that help universities, institutions and funding organisations achieve their research goals.

We welcome our new colleagues and I look forward to working in close collaboration with our clients to further streamline research management and funding processes.

Jonathan Breeze
CEO, Symplectic

If you’re interested in a demo to learn how our Research Funding Solution works as an add-on to Elements, allowing you to easily manage both research information and funding workflows, further reduce the administrative burden on researchers and faculty, derive powerful new insights, facilitate proposal development and demonstrate real-world impact, please contact