Symplectic Elements becomes one of the first three ORCID Certified Service Providers to meet new upgraded CSP criteria

8th August 2023

We’re pleased to say that Symplectic is one of the first three ORCID Certified Service Providers to meet their new upgraded criteria. 

ORCID introduced the first version of its Certified Service Provider (CSP) program in 2020. When reviewing and selecting new systems to meet their own business needs, member organisations frequently ask ORCID which scholarly service providers have the best ORCID-enabled product functionalities. 

“What we learned from the early days of certifying service providers is that best practice in integrating with ORCID extends far beyond the basics of collecting ORCID IDs and connecting with ORCID records,” said ORCID. “In fact, in order to deliver the most value to its users, the optimal ORCID integration in a service is highly workflow specific.”

The new upgraded CSP criteria was revised based on extensive research and analysis into industry best practices and workflows. In March 2023, ORCID issued draft criteria for each of these workflows, inviting vendors and members of the ORCID community to review and comment on the drafts. The final criteria documents can be found here.

Symplectic is a long-standing supporter of ORCID and offers a range of ways that researchers can connect Elements to their ORCID account to help streamline workflows and share data between the two systems.

ORCID members can configure Elements to allow researchers to link to their ORCID iD and gather persistent identifiers from their ORCID record. Elements can also be used to add works to researchers’ ORCID records and assert their affiliation with a particular organisation.

By connecting validated, trustworthy information about affiliated researchers to their ORCID records, Symplectic Elements enables institutions and research organisations to showcase researchers and their work, and allows them to more easily keep track of staff, students, and faculty past and present. The incorporation of ORCID further alleviates the administrative load on researchers by automating the labor-intensive process of maintaining accurate records within local faculty profiles or research systems. You can read more about the workflow-based criteria that research information systems have to meet to become ORCID CSPs here.

More details about the integration.