Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release v6.9

25th July 2022

In this release we’ve made major user interface enhancements to the Assessment Module, focussing on improving the user experience for both researchers and reviewers when completing an Assessment Exercise. Our new Assessment interface has been designed to make it easier for users to rapidly understand their submission requirements, and empower them to move quickly and intuitively through the exercise, reducing the stress associated with annual reviews and other kinds of assessment activities. 

Symplectic Elements Product Update: Release v6.9

Following the last release where we announced that you can now harvest data from DSpace 7, we are pleased to expand upon this integration, offering bidirectional integration support and the full suite of Repository Tools (RT2) functionality. This feature rich integration will allow organisations using DSpace to upgrade to the latest version of this popular repository platform whilst continuing to streamline deposit and OA monitoring efforts using Elements. 

Open Access publishing strategies continue to evolve and there are now many more ways a researcher can make their work open. As the first step towards offering a wider range of OA monitoring and reporting, we have broadened the range of metadata available from existing data sources to provide organisations with a fuller picture of your OA publishing patterns.

And those using Google Analytics to track visits and engagement to their Discovery sites will be glad to hear we have updated our framework to support Google Analytics 4, keeping you up-to-date with the latest functionality. 

As always, this brief summary doesn’t cover everything. For all the details about the release, you can view the full release notes on the Symplectic support site. As always, the new version of Elements and associated upgrade instructions can be found in the Elements upgrade forum.